Aetodyne is The Energy Evolution Company TM

Aetodyne is focused on the commercialization of a process that will dramatically change the production of anhydrous ammonia for different alternative energy applications, those being fuel, fertilizer, and hydrogen. This innovation, supported by patents and proven inventions, uses air, water, and electricity to produce anhydrous ammonia, NH3 - a product in extremely high demand worldwide and currently tied to the price of natural gas which has climbed dramatically over the last decade.

Aetodyne is well positioned in the alternative energy field offering a new, contrarian and market disruptive technology to produce NH3 (anhydrous ammonia) that can radically 'green' up the product for a current $10 Billion US market. Aetodyne can do this at one half the cost of the current process, without having to import (60-70% is currently imported) and without the heavy (2:1 ratio) CO2 emissions of today's process.

The primary current use for NH3 is as fertilizer. In fact, over 50% of the protein and 60% of the processed foods consumed in the U.S. have NH3 in their supply chain. Given the high percentage of imports for this market, the U.S. food supply is just as vulnerable to foreign policy upsets as is our fuel supply.

Aetodyne is certain that a true means of addressing this and a number of other U.S. supply vulnerabilities lies with the manufacturing of anhydrous ammonia that is domestically produced and made with a clean technology.

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