Aetodyne is The Energy Evolution Company TM

Energy independence... from the fuels perspective

Energy independence... from an electricity perspective; generation, storage and retrieval

Better control... over our fertilizer supply, given that we are dependent on Russia, China, and Trinidad for the bulk (>75%) of our fertilizer needs today

The Environment... a true reduction of CO2

Support... of local economic development through distributed generation

Aetodyne is a pioneer in the anhydrous ammonia and renewable fuels market. Aetodyne is focused on the commercialization of an invention that will dramatically change the production of anhydrous ammonia for different alternative energy applications, those being fuel, fertilizer, and hydrogen. This innovation, supported by patents and inventions, uses air, water, and electricity to produce anhydrous ammonia (NH3) a product in extremely high demand worldwide and currently tied to the price of natural gas which has climbed dramatically over the last decade.

Industry leader
Aetodyne’s process is clearly ahead of the competition – currently estimated at roughly one - two years. The process is significantly more cost effective than alternative methods.  All evaluations of the technology show development and cost leadership.

Speed to market
Aetodyne has a significant lead built in versus the competitive technologies.  However, we recognize that there is a compelling need to accelerate the deployment to gain” first to market” advantage.  To that end, we are working on accelerating the development and commercialization of the units and will have resources specifically allocated for that purpose.  Aetodyne’s management team is focused on a rapid deployment ‘footprint’ to lead in the market.

High growth opportunity
The timing of the product and technology could not be better. The new Administration has promoted investment in a wide array of new alternative energy technologies and the interest in anhydrous ammonia projects of all kinds is extremely high.  Aetodyne has a perfect market window with a proven management team to capitalize on the extraordinary opportunity.

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