Aetodyne is The Energy Evolution Company TM

NH3 can be an ideal Environmentally Benign BatteryTM for the storage of power from intermittent renewable sources such as wind and solar. Wind farm owners have confirmed that the proposed Aetodyne Environmentally Benign BatteryTM system would have a dramatic effect on the ROI from said installations.

The product is also ideally positioned for addressing the future alternative fuels market as it can burn in internal combustion engines and produce electricity or hydrogen in fuel cells. Finally, anhydrous ammonia/NH3 can be burned in internal combustion engines as a fuel either in conjunction with fossil fuels or hydrogen or can be burned by itself.

This is a major breakthrough in the quest to reduce and/or eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. The Aetodyne approach is to use new emerging technologies to build and sell widely distributed μ-hubs for the production of NH3.

In particular, Aetodyne has a solution to address both of these concerns using state-of-the art technology to produce anhydrous ammonia for use as both fuel and fertilizer from air, water, and electricity. When renewable electricity is used, the USDA has classified NH3 as an advanced bio-fuel, made with no pollution whatsoever.

Aetodyne has published a white paper called 'A Strategic Overview: Ammonia Synthesis and Food and Energy Supply Chain Security Through Distributed Fertilizer, Fuel, and Electric Power Production'. This white paper has received significant attention from individuals of national and international prominence.

Click here to download the white paper.

Additionally, please make contact with us if you would like to have a speaker to present it for your organization.

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