Aetodyne is The Energy Evolution Company TM
Aetodyne sells micro-hubs (μ-hubs) to end-users for localized production of anhydrous ammonia for local market consumption and is a pioneer in the anhydrous ammonia and renewable fuels market.
The Aetodyne process is completely green
The Aetodyne process produces carbon credits
If renewable electricity is used, it is classified as an advanced bio-energy fuel

The Aetodyne strategy is simple: Provide unique sustainable solutions to the alternative energy market in the form of anhydrous ammonia compounds and their derivatives for the production of fertilizer, fuels and electrical power. The Aetodyne process produces oxygen as a by-product and is 100% completely free of greenhouse gases. The totally “green” Aetodyne process can produce NH3 for as little as one half the price that NH3 has been selling for over the last two years. There are no pollutants formed by the process

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